Lube Systems Company


Specializing in Lubrication Equipment and Hydraulic Lifts



Lube Systems Company offers the following services to its customers.

  • Design and Layouts:

    • Car Dealerships

    • Quick Lubes

    • Lube Truck and Trailers

    • Trucking Companies

    • Bus Garages

    • Industrial Businesses

Systems Included:

  • Hydraulic Lifts (In ground and above ground)

  • Oil, antifreeze and other related fluid pumping & dispensing systems.

  • PC-compatible and non-compatible fluid inventory control systems.

  • Air distribution systems

  • Exhaust Systems (In ground and above ground)

  • Certified Installation Service Technicians

  • A complete repair and testing facility (For all brands of hydraulic equipment).

  • Large equipment, parts and accessories inventory with technical support.




 Call for assistance:  (724) 335-4050